GunnLab provides independent measurement of packaging performance, through specialist technical data.

We are privately owned and operated, providing impartial and confidential scientific plastics testing and consulting services.

We help with real-life situations commonly found in the packaging and manufacturing industries.
Our lab capability spans permeability testing, analysis of structures and materials, mechanical and physical testing.

Products we regularly test are flexible films, pouches, trays, tubs and bottles, closures, raw materials/granules & foreign objects.

We also test strapping, sachets, fitments, pipes and many other plastic items.


We don't overwhelm you with technicalities.

We can provide explanatory notes or simplified reports. This can be useful when relaying crucial information to your customers, or any contacts

that may not have a lot of scientific knowledge.  Our aim is to help you understand the relevant data and minimise the guesswork.

​​We can provide fast answers to industrial problems.

We offer personal commitment to every client's project.  All dealings with GunnLab remain confidential, and in urgent situations

we can provide results quickly. ​​We are members of ASTM, Society of Plastics Engineers and Australian Institute of Packaging.


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Contract Scope of Work
The Client defines their objectives and issues their laboratory request initiating discussion with GunnLab. Any special instructions are noted clearly. If a Client has an urgent need for assistance, GunnLab will endeavour to assist them as soon as possible. Urgent Attention laboratory testing that is performed outside normal business hours may incur surcharges.
Sample Delivery and Identification
Initial assessment of the samples, technical elements, test methods, risks and laboratory capability is carried out by laboratory staff.
Order Acknowledgement
Documentation includes project inputs, planned methods and project outputs; including estimated costs and scheduled time frame. The terms and conditions of engagement and responsibilities between the parties are set out. The Client is given an opportunity to address any differences in understanding.
Laboratory Tests
The schedule of tests is carried out according to GunnLab’s Job Sheet reflecting the agreed scope of work on the Order Acknowledgment. Testing is predominately performed according to the internationally-recognised standards developed by ASTM International. We also use ISO and AS/NZS standards.
Test results are concisely reported back to the Client by email. The client has the opportunity for feedback, and to request changes or further work. Additions may be managed by a Work Scope Variation, agreed with the Client via a Purchase Order amendment. Plans may also be formalized with the Client for any on-going or regular test requirements.
Administration and Settlements
Hard copies of final reports are sent, and accounts settled. GunnLab is focused on making the Client’s dealings with them as smooth and easy as possible. We value the opportunity to listen to every Client’s feedback, and encourage them to share their honest assessment of GunnLab’s performance.
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GunnLab Plastics Testing Pty Ltd

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VIC 3193, Australia