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Analysis of Structure and Materials

We analyse the structure and materials of plastic products and packaging materials.

Understanding a product’s structure and materials helps predict its suitability to end-use application.

​This can help answer questions such as:

  • What materials were used to manufacture this?

  • Are the same materials used throughout, or are there layers of different materials?

  • If so, how thick are the layers?

  • How much of a specific additive is in the material mix?

  • Is there evidence to support a specific claim?

Consulting and Non-routine Testing

Confidential specialised testing for product development and quality assurance.

Independent testing means high credibility - this means your customers can be assured that tests of your products are unbiased.

Competitive analysis: How do competitors’ products compare with yours?

If you are entering a new market, we can determine the structure and materials of the existing products already being used.

Investigation of Product Failures or Materials Problems

Inconsistent quality from batch to batch is a common problem.

​We can compare Good and Bad batches, check that the correct raw materials have been used,

or if they are faulty. Many times we have found that problems have been caused by changes in the plastic raw materials or additives. On other occasions we have vindicated the raw materials, and shifted the focus of investigation to manufacturing conditions or other factors.

Analysis of Plastic Foreign Objects found in Foods & Products

Microscopic examination and analysis of Plastic Foreign Objects identifies the type of plastic material

that the foreign object is made from. We can also do close comparative matching with likely sources of contamination.

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